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It’s nice to have options.

When it comes to residential sales, you typically have two methods of sale: Private Treaty or Auction. When you meet with your Match Property Sales and Rentals agent, they will discuss with you whether your property will perform best selling through Private Treaty (the private negotiation process) or public Auction. Usually it’s not a simple decision to make!

To help give you a greater understanding of the differences between the two methods of sale, we have provided a guide below.

Sale by Private Treaty

Choosing to sell through Private Treaty means that you market your property with a price attached. Prospective buyers are invited to make an offer.

Your experienced agents at Match Property Sales and Rentals ensure that all offers are thoroughly negotiated to deliver you the best possible price. Because you are not working to a deadline (unlike with an Auction) you are afforded more flexibility when it comes to the negotation of price, settlement period, inclusions, and the conditions of sale.

Sale by Auction

Choosing to sell by Auction means that prospective buyers gather at one time in one place to bid on your property, typically following an extensive marketing campaign. The highest bidder at the end of the auction becomes the successful buyer, provided the bid matches or exceeds your reserve price. 

Auctions tend to generate a sense of urgency and competition which has the potential to reward you with a higher sale price when the crowd is competitive on the day.

Selling by Private Treaty vs Auction

Sometimes it’s helpful to see the benefits of both side by side

Private Treaty

  • NLess pressure, affording both parties the time and space to negotiate without the looming deadline of an Auction
  • NFlexibility to accept different sale terms, such as an extended settlement period, sale subject to finance or subject to the sale of the buyer’s home
  • NTypically a smaller outlay of marketing funds, as a Private Treaty campaign tends to be less extensive than an Auction campaign
  • NDue to the negotiation process in a Private Treaty sale, you are afforded greater privacy, allowing you to keep details of the sale out of the public eye.


  • NAuctions generate a sense of urgency amongst buyers, as potential buyers are compelled to make a decision on the day
  • NCompetitive bidding amongst potential buyers means that the selling price can potentially exceed the expected price of the property
  • NBefore it can sell, your bidding must reach your reserve price, protecting you from a lower-than-expected price
  • NAuctions come with set terms, and are suited to situations where the owner wants an unconditional sale, or a sale with specific settlement terms

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