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About Us

Not just any property management organisation.

Match Property Sales and Rentals is owned and operated by two couples who have been friends for over 25 years, sharing the common interests of real estate, investment properties, development properties and renovations. We’ve joined forces in this newly formed company to provide our amassed 80+ years of real estate experience, integrity, and enthusiasm to bring to the real estate industry a whole new level of service. 

We are the sole owners of Match Property Sales and Rentals and we are the faces of the business. We are the voices at the other end of the phone. We are the workers. We have empathy with you as an investor and our aim is to avoid any unnecessary expenses for you. We’ve been there!

We also have experience of being the frustrated tenant with an urgent maintenance problem who can’t get any understanding from the seemingly aloof and uncontactable property manager. 

Generally speaking, in traditional real estate offices the property manager is often underpaid and overstretched, meaning their ability to demonstrate a required level of empathy to either a landlord or a tenant is limited. This usually results in unnecessary angst and frustration on all sides and often costs the investor both time and money.

This is unlikely to happen on our watch as we are “hands on” at all times. This is our business and we know that all parties have to be well satisfied to make this arrangement work. 

Meet the MatchPro Team

Match Property Sales and Rentals is proud to be a family owned and operated agency.

Maryanne Munro

Owner | Director
Principal | Real Estate Agent

Teamed up for success with her husband Bob, and with 25 years of experience in real estate, Maryanne has perfected the art of empathising with sellers and buyers. She understands their motivations for buying and selling property. When she’s not hunting real estate success, she’s spending as much time with her family as possible. Every family moment is precious to her!

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Bob Munro

Business Manager | Property Manager

Alongside his wife Maryanne, the other half of this amazing duo is always building out the foundations for success in the business. Bob has witnessed almost 30 years of real estate highs and lows, and knows how to keep his eye on the prize. When he’s not kicking goals in the business, he’s enjoying family movie time or emptying a bucket of golf balls at the driving range.

0417 757 298


Janet O'Brien

Owner | Director
Tenant Liaison

After 37 years with Education Queensland and a growing passion for real estate, Janet wanted to morph her interest into a profession. Her strong interpersonal skills means she ensures our clients are looked after and the right people are in the right places. In her free time she attends concerts with her husband, John, or uses her green thumb in their lush garden.


John O'Brien

Owner | Executive Officer

John has joined the business from an executive career in government, with a grounding in statistics, strategic policy development and evaluation. His principal roles within MatchPro are in administration, strategy and support.  He is a Saturday night musician who enjoys travel, especially cruising under sail, and loves to be able to spend quality time with his grandchildren. 


Chris Woodford

Sales Manager | Property Manager

Chris, the son-in-law of Bob and Maryanne, brings to the MatchPro team his nearly 20 years of experience in sales and leadership. He enjoys the enormity of challenges that real estate presents, and his excellent problem-solving skills serve the business and its people brilliantly. In his free time he loves cooking up a storm, and spending time with his partner Laura and their two kids.

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Maria Smith

Property Manager

Maria is the daughter of Janet and John. Her attention to detail and her passion for advocacy on a personal and professional level make her a perfect fit for our business. Life balance is important to Maria, so when she’s not inspecting properties to ensure they’re looked after, she hikes the local area, spends time with her family and friends, and bakes to her heart’s content.

0409 720 004


Laura Munro

Web and Graphic Design

As daughter of Maryanne and Bob, Laura has grown up in the real estate industry. She melds her lifetime of real estate exposure and skills with 13 years of graphic and web design experience, building MatchPro’s branding from the ground up. While she loves her work with MatchPro, her real passion is her full time job as mum to her and Chris’s two beautiful children.


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